Baby Birthday Decoration - 1st Birthday Baby High Chair Banner Chair Tutu Skirt Decoration for Birthday Party Supplies (Pink&Green)

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Color: Pink&green

Baby, Happy Birthday

Flowing upstream along a river of time, a baby is born crying to break the serenity of the family, the future is unfolded like Chinese art paper,

everything comes back to life, life itches to try and smile is written on everyone’s face. All of these are brought about by you. The sun shines through

glass windows. From burbling to toddling, you go along the longtime tunnel, transforming from an “ugly duckling” into a “white swan”. At this moment,

you will welcome your first birthday party and we prepare all kinds of theme birthday hand flags you expect. The whole family cheers for you and is proud

of you. When you sit on the high dining chair eating cake and surround the birthday hand flag accompanying you to spend this moment, eyes are all focused

on you and you become the most beautiful scenery in the world. At your birthday party, remember that the most precious gift of yours is not only from our dining

chair and hand flag but also from the love of your parents for you.