Baby Head Shaping Memory Foam Pillow | Prevent Newborn Infant Plagiocephaly Flat Head Syndrome | Super Soft, Comfortable & Supportive (Pink)

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Color: Pink

Sleepy Bear’s Protective Baby Pillow is the best solution to supporting the development of your newborn child.

Here’s why:

Quality, assured

Don’t worry, Sleepy Bear pillows are built to last.

Take us anywhere

Our pillow fits handsomely in cots, cribs, pushchairs, strollers and more.

We can help even if your baby is showing symptoms already

Our pillows can help your baby. It’s not too late.

Easy to wash

Simply hand wash areas that are stained with warm water and leave to dry.

Chemical free. Obviously

100% cotton and Eco-Friendly. It goes without saying that we constructed our pillow to be organic and healthy.

Breathable layers

Most memory foam pillows will store a lot of heat. It was important we designed around this.

Plenty of colours

We got you covered if you’ve colour coordinated your room.

Ready for newborns

It’s never too soon to use one of our pillows to support your baby’s development.

Here for you

Sleepy Bear are dedicated to customer satisfaction. Any concerns, give us a message.

Perfect Baby Shower Gift

All your friends and family will appreciate this as a gift! Show that you care about their child’s healthy development and want the baby and the parent to have a good night’s sleep!