Baby Toddler Latex Pillow With Pillowcase Natural And Healthy Kids Pillows For Sleeping White - 15.711.81.9inches(Suitable for 1-3 years old)

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Size: 1-3years


- Brand by Heinerrs

- 1. Do not wash often
You can wash the pillowcase, but not the latex pillow. If you are sweating when you are sleeping on latex pillow, latex itself can evaporate water, so you don't need to air-cure it particularly. Natural latex pillow does not need regular cleaning. It will lose shape if you keep washing it. Usually, you only need to give it a good whack from time to time.

- 2. Hand wash
The latex pillow can be washed, but only for gentle rinsing by hand. Do not put it into the washing machine to wash. Latex is very soft and easily twisted.

- 3. How to pick up
During washing, the latex pillow will absorb a lot of water and getting heavier. Do not grab a corner of the pillow when taking it out of the water, or it will break. Use both hands to support the pillow and then carefully move it out of the water.

- 4. How to dry
After washing, use a towel or other absorbent material and try to drain away water by squeezing it. Avoid direct sunlight. If you want to speed up the drying process, after hanging it up, squeeze the bottom part of the pillow by hand every 2 to 3 hours, and then blow dry it with an electric fan.

- 5. Storage
If you vacuum pack the pillow, you may find the pillow doesn't return to its original shape after releasing. Leave it for 1 to 2 days and it will regain shape. Do not store in damp places.

- 6. Special attention
Do not put pillow in the sun to dry. Leave in a cool ventilated place to dry. After a period of use, natural latex products will gradually turn yellow due to air oxidation. It is normal. Do no worry.