JinzhiHui Newborn Baby Heart-Shaped Pillow, 3D Memory Foam can Support headrest and Pillow, Prevent Flat Head Syndrome, Ergonomic Design, Best for (0-12 Months) Newborn Baby

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The body of a newborn baby is very soft. This is because the baby is not fully developed, so the baby sleeps 70% of the time every day. At this time, everything the baby touches is particularly important. If you place your baby directly on a flat surface, the shape of the head can easily become flat. This is what we usually call flat head syndrome. That's why we designed this head shaping pillow for babies.

1.3D 3D concave pillow baby pillow.

2.Perfect thickness The overall thickness is 1.18 inches and the size is 9.84X8, which is different from the normal baby pillow level. It carefully considers the shape of the head and reduces the pressure on the neck and spine. Headrest.

3. Breathable fabric Quickly absorbs sweat and has good breathability.

4. Advanced memory foam Soft, slow rebound, lightweight and comfortable.

Note: Real memory foam cannot be cleaned or exposed to direct sunlight.