JSHANG Toddler Pillow, Memory Foam Baby Pillows for Sleeping Home House Breathable Kids Pillow with Removable Cover Provides Great Back & Neck Support-13 X 9, 0-1 Age

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Size: 13*9inch

Once your baby grows up, you will realize that he needs a toddler pillow of his own for proper support,

without which he can wake up in the morning with muscle cramps, putting him in a cranky mood throughout the day.

A Toddler Pillow is specifically designed to be small and supportive, helping your child snuggle-up to it comfortably,

provides the security your child needs to feel safe, especially when they're traveling between home, daycare, and relatives' houses,warranting a good night’s rest.


- Meticulous stitching and exquisite workmanship with neat ines.

- Make your little one feel safe, relaxed, and right at home.

- Help your baby to develope good sleeping habits.

- It is a perfect holiday gift for Christmas, Hanukkah and New Years.


1. Measuring only 12.6*9.1*1.2 inch, sutable and comfortable baby size.

2. Perfect for size for childern who are side, stomach and back sleepers.


- Pillowcase: Hand wash with , dry on normal cycle.

- Pillow Core: Put in ventilated place once a month.

- If it has little normal smell. Please don't worry, this is completely harmless and aired out the surface and the smell will disappear.

Its size makes it perfect for use while travelling. You can just throw it in a diaper bag and carry it anywhere and everywhere.

Feel your best every single day by getting deep, restful sleep.