Le Bebe La Mama Baby Head Shaping Pillow, Flat Head Baby Pillow, Head Support for Newborns with Pillowcase, Made of Breathable Cotton and Memory Foam, Ergonomic Design, Perfect

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Introducing Our Baby Pillow!

Baby head shaping pillow is designed to prevent newborn's flat head and Plagiocephaly.The contour in the center relieves pressure to promote a natural round head shape. It is ideal for babies aged 0 to 12 months.

Ergonomic heart-shape design,fitted with baby's head, give the baby a feel of sleeping experience of accompanied by mommy, so that your baby can sleep well.

Made with high quality materials, ;The pillow is made of premium memory foam cushion, also wrapped in 100% organic and breathable cotton material which is soft and gentle enough for baby's skin.

Perfect Baby List Registry & Baby Shower Gift Idea! ;The baby head shaping pillow comes with a box, makes it a perfect newborn gift for new mommas that care about safety.

Portable and comfortable to use it in various places ;such as crib, bed, stroller, anywhere your baby's head needs to be properly positioned.

Most of the baby head shaping pillow is non-washable, ;considering this problem, we provide every customer a pillowcase, so you don't worry how to wash it when dirty, just use and wash the pillowcase conveniently!