Luchild Baby Braided Crib Bumper Soft Snake Pillow Protective & Decorative Long Baby Nursery Bedding Cushion Knot Plush Pillow for Toddler Newborn-Gray

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Brand: Luchild

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Luchild Braided Crib Bumper

  • Luchild braided bumpers are made of high quality flannel and filled with premium pp cotton filling. The simple design without the frills does not affect its beauty and usage at all. This bumper can well protect your baby from getting stuck between the bed rails, so it’s the first choice for newborns or infants.


  1. Avoiding your baby's head, legs or hands bumping to the crib, keep your baby in safety.
  2. Versatile Use: Baby Cot Protector, wonderful ornament, children's toys, neck relief pillow.
  3. 100% hand-made and woven from slender and fluffy baby braided pillow of 1-3 colors.
  4. It's very soft and can't be deformed, the best choice for newborns or mothers as a gift since it's friendly to baby's skin.

Choose Luchild - Let Your Baby Sleep at Ease

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