Mkicesky Toddler Memory Foam Contour Pillow (for 3-5Y Kids), Ergonomic Baby Pillow with Neck Support &Washable Pillowcase for Back/Side/Stomach Sleepers

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Size: Kids Size  |  Color: Blue & White

Your Children Deserve The Best !!!

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U.S. patent Product, to ensure safety and quality for your little one!!!

With the Mkicesky Toddler Pillow, your child will be able to fall asleep quicker and stay fast asleep until morning comes.
And don't forget-the less your child wakes up throughout the night, the more YOU can enjoy uninterrupted sleep!
Parents can sure use any sleep they can get. Your children deserve the very best!

With its breathable fabric and contour supportive memory foam core, our pillow provides the ultimate comfort for your little one so they can sleep peacefully over the night.
As we know that Quality sleep is very important for a child's development during this stage of life.
Our pillow provides the security your child needs to feel safe, especially when they're traveling between home, daycare, and relatives' houses.

Size: 16.8"(L) x 9"(W) x 2.8"(H) by 2.5"(H)

Custom Fit: Three Years Old Children

Fabric: Cotton mix polyester

Core: CertiPUR-US Memory Foam