Newborn Pillow, Baby Head Shaping Pillows, Prevention of Flat Head Syndrome & Preventing Reflux, Soft Neck Support, Infant Sleeping Pillows (0-12 Months) White

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  Why baby pillow flat head is a newborn baby essential
   ●  Flat head syndrome usually happens when a baby sleeps with the head turned to the same side during first months of life.It occurs when a baby's head develops a flat spot due to pressure on that area.
This causes a flat spot, either on one side or the back of the head.
Babies are vulnerable because their skull is soft and pliable when they're born. if you notice flattening of your baby's head at any time, don't wait

  STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX Certification
   ●  ewborn baby pillow passed the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX test, the world's most authoritative and most influential textile eco-label.It stands for customer confidence and high product safety. because we care about your baby health and home!

  Product Description
   ●  Outer Material : 100% Cotton Air Layer Fabric
   ●  Fill Material : Sustans, from DuPont, USA.
   ●  Size : 10.5" X 9" X 0.59"~ 3"
   ●  Color : whilte
   ●  Age : 0-12 months

  You will get
    1 * Perfect Pillow
    1 * Removable Pillowcase

  Intimate tips
   Cleaning method:The pillow protectors can be used for machine washing and hand washing. When the pillow needs to be washed, you only need to open the zipper to take out the pillow core