SECOND MUM Baby Pillow for Newborn, Head Shaping for Infant Flat Head Syndrome Prevention and Newborn Registry (Cloud)

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Product Description

  • Having a baby truly is, the best time of your life. Every parents know that from day one, your baby's comfort is crucial. Ensuring that baby sleeps well is essential for his/her daily development. This Secondmum flat head baby pillow is the best choice for new babies.
  • This Secondmum ULTRA SOFT baby pillows for sleeping is a wonderful gift to all newborn babies, it's lightweight, convenient, and portable! Necessary staff for A PERFECT NICE ROUND HEAD.

Product Features:

  • The breastfeeding pillow is made of Ultra soft fabric , breathable material for better baby sleeping.
  • Multi-functional, one pillow for all, use this baby head support in baby's car seat, swing, stroller, crib, cot bed and more.
  • The nursing pillow is recommended for 0-6 months baby, which is a perfect timing for a fantastic baby head shaping.

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Baby Pillow Sleepyhead Baby Sleep Sack
Back support -
Prevention flat head -
Raised legs - -
Machine washable
Ages 0-6 months 0-12 months 0-6 months