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SAME MEMORY FOAM BENEFITS just for Kids. Suitable for kids between 2 - 12 ages. A super responsive design adjusts gently to every movement of your child keeping the spine correctly aligned throughout the night. Washable Organic Cotton Cover. Ergonomic support for the head, neck and spine and ensures a restful sleep. REMOVABLE WASHABLE ORGANIC COTTON PILLOW CASE: Cover made of Organic Cotton mixed fabric Naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial Velvety soft and absorbs 60% more moisture BREATHABLE PORED DESIGN MEMORY FOAM: The innovative ventilation channels in the memory foam ensure child-friendly air circulation and more comfort. Memory foam responds to body heat and gently wraps around your child's head IDEAL FOR TODDLERS & KIDS FROM 2 Years. Ideal Gift Idea How is this different to other products available? Our kids pillow are made of medium density memory foam that provides an initial comfort feel, as well as provides the user with deep down support. It is soft to touch and provides fast recovery after deformation. This foam is manufactured using Variable Pressure Foaming (VPF) technology, resulting in a better quality, more durable and greener product. Certified by OEKO and REACH, It is safe for children and pets. Another reason is that luxurious grass coral fiber pillowcase is very soft, breathable, heat quickly dissipates and constant coolness feel, great in hot weather or low air flow environments. Why not use a regular pillow? Regular pillows are usually made from polyfill, the fibres of which flatten with use, providing minimal or no neck support. Even expensive feather and down pillows have nothing in them to maintain a contour or shape. During the night the shape and support Package includes: 1 x Memory foam toddler bed pillow. 1 x Carrying bag.