Trendy Kids 14x19 Toddler Pillow 100% Cotton 300TC Percale Baby/Toddler/Travel Pillow Percale - No Extra Pillowcase/Sham Needed - Machine Washable and Hypoallergenic, Perfect for Kids, Percale

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PRODUCT DETAILS: Shell is made of 100% cotton fabric. Filled with 100% Hypoallergenic Polyester Microfiber. The Perfect combination of softness and support. NO allergens, Cruelty-free, No feathers to poke you, Resilient, Refluffable, comfortable for neck and lumbar, Machine washable cold, Machine dry low heat, Odorless, Fluff as needed, Lent and Dust Free.

RECOMMENDATION: Measurements are from seam to seam. Recommended for use in a 13 x 19 pillow sham cover.

SHIPPING and USE INSTRUCTION: Pillows are compressed vacuum packed for easy shipping. Opening the plastic wrap will fluff up pillows. ⚠ Please hold the pillow by two corners, compress and fluff gently few times, repeat this step for the other side.

SELLER DETAILS: Manufactured by Pepmart Traders for Trendy Kids and sold only by PEPPY HOME.

BEST USE: This Toddler pillows are stuffed with the perfect amount to support child's head without straining neck allowing your child to nap and dream comfortably. Children need a pillow with low loft as their necks are developing. We use super soft, polyester fill that has the right amount of fill, so it won't collapse, yet will provide the support your child needs. Tested and proven to help sleepy toddlers, boys and girls with sleeping better in bed, during a nap, at daycare, travel to grandma’s or traveling in a car or airplane. Pillows for kids give them security, familiarity and make them feel like they’re growing up! A kid pillow is also more comfortable to sleep on than a stuffed animal.

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