UBBCARE Memory Foam Toddlers Bed Rails Bumpers Soft Portable Toddler Bed Safety Long Pillow Pads Bedside Rail Guard for Crib Kids Baby Elderly with Machine Washable Cover

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Is your child moving to a new bed? Or if your baby always
rolling off their bed?

The UBBCARE memory foam bumper pads are the perfect
go between for children who have out grown their crib, but are
not quite ready to sleep in a unfamiliar bed without rolling off
from their bed.
Once the memory foam reachs the body temperature, it will
gradually become soft, absorb the pressure of the human then
adjust the body to the most comfortable posture, the foam will
be pressed and subsided, but will not show strong rebound
force, when the pressure is removed, the product will slowly
but staunch to rebound to the former shape, great sleeping
partner for your children.


Memory foam (bumper)
Polyester fiber(bumper cover)
100% cutton (bundle pocket)

Package included:
2x bed rail bumper
2x ivory-white bumper cover
1x multifunctional backpack