Universal Bassinet Crib Newborn Baby Wedge Pillow Insert for Mattress - 100% Organic Cotton - Waterproof- Stylish 12 Degree Incline Infant Sleeper - Relieve Gerd, Acid Reflux, Colic, Congestion

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Imagine a reflux wedge pillow for babies that alleviates discomfort from a range of uncomfortable ailments that may interrupt your baby’s sleep..

It's heart breaking when baby is unwell, so we have designed high-quality and safe sleeping wedge for baby because you want your baby to grow up healthy. Our reflux wedge pillow for babies have an added value of unique designs that were tested amongst American peers as crowd favourites!

Installation Instructions: 

Place the wedge under the sheet at the head of the bassinet and tuck in the bottom sheet. Ensure that baby’s bottom is on the mattress with only baby’s back and head on the wedge for elevation. The wedge can also be placed underneath the bassinet mattress


    • Padeatrician's recommend a gradual 12 degree incline
    • Promotes unobstructed breathing & clears nasal passages
    • Reduces spit-ups & acid-reflux
    • Releives congestion, heartburn & colic
    • Improves baby's sleep quality (& yours!)
    • Unlike others we have a registered 100% organic cotton GOTS Certification
    • Free from all harmful chemicals such as BPA, latex, phthalates, lead
    • Hypoallergenic, breathable, non-toxic & anti-bacterial.
    • High quality foam, for baby's comfort and durability.
    • Unique designs that look great for a baby shower, christmas or an 'i love you' gift. 
    • Bonus storage bag can be used for travel or storage with a carrying handle, so you can take this wedge along with you & enjoy the health benefits. 


We know you'll love this product but we do offer 2 years warranty. Just register your product with us


Package includes bonus bag