Universal Crib Wedge Pillow for Baby Crib Mattress Newborn Reflux and Newborn Nasal Congestion Reducer 100% Cotton Removable Cover | 15-Degree Incline for Better Night's Sleep

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Product Specificatons: 
Material:100% pure premium quality memory foam. 
Material of Cover: Organic Cotton cover. 
Weight:0.5 KG
Size: 14.3”*15.8”*3.6”

15 degree incline angle is recommended by pediatricians for newborns,
help to elevate your baby head and torso,reduces acid reflux and spitt-up,the raised place make them sleep soundly.
Our incline crib wedge can be placed under the bedding mattress which raises the angle of your baby's head to allow baby to rest in an optimal place.
Never again will you have to worry about the danger of your baby getting choked while asleep due to wrong way.
Please see the size before you order the baby crib wedge pillow. 

Care Instructions
Inner cover -Wipe clean with soapy warm wate
Removable outer cotton cover - Machine wash gentle cycle in cold water and air dry (to prevent shrinking)

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